Top Reasons to Choose Florida Aviation Academy

Posted on Aug 22, 2016

Is it your dream to learn to pilot an airplane? Do you want to pursue a career in aviation? Whatever your inspiration, premier Florida Aviation Academy flight school offers a range of aviation training courses along with the services of professional experienced instructors to help make your dreams a reality.

Beginner Aviation Training Courses

In order to obtain pilot certification in the US, flight training students have to successfully complete FAA approved flight training courses offered by approved flight schools such as Florida Aviation Academy. They also must pass the written knowledge exam, oral exams and successfully complete a practical test flight observed by an FAA designated examiner. Apart from this, there are some medical requisites to be fulfilled such as having good hearing, at least 20/40 vision and not having any disqualifying medical conditions.

Beginners start with the Private Pilot License which will allow them to fly an airplane and carry passengers. This requires at least 35 hours of combined solo flight time and flight instruction. With instrument certification training, a pilot can learn how to use aircraft instruments to fly an instrument equipped aircraft in different weather conditions as well as use instrument approach procedures during take offs and landings at airports.

Commercial Certification

For those wishing to make a career of corporate or commercial flying, they must acquire commercial pilot certification and training which will enhance their flying skills. After earning this certification, pilots can fly commercial aircraft or become eligible for obtaining the flight instructor certificate.

Those seeking these professional pilot licenses would require multi engine commercial instrument certification.

For International Students

Aviation training courses are available to US citizens as well as international students here at Florida Aviation Academy. We assist international students in visa matters, applying for TSA clearance, finding suitable accommodation, and more.  We are ready to help in any way to make our students’ lives comfortable, and their stay in Florida more enjoyable.

Florida is one of the most preferred training areas in the world due to its high tech infrastructure, flat landscape and nearly year round clear weather conditions. There are nearby attractions such as beaches, attractions and a thriving social scene, students have the perfect opportunity to enjoy beautiful Florida while getting their flight training.

Accelerated Programs

Florida Aviation Academy takes a unique approach to help their students acquire pilot certification in the least amount of time. We offer accelerated flight training programs which allow students to complete their training much faster than in conventional flight schools. With one on one instruction by expert instructors, students can learn more efficiently through focused and structured courses. Intensive immersion training typically leads to better retention and flight proficiency. Students can save on living and training costs and cut their expenses substantially. They can also put themselves on the job market in a much shorter time than it would take at other flight schools.

Accelerated flight training programs are for those seeking to fast track their professional aviation careers. Which course are you interested in starting now?

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