Jeff P., Pompano Beach, Florida
 Being a professional pilot is something I always wanted to achieve. The hard part was not knowing where to begin my flight training. Within minutes of walking into Florida Aviation Academy, I knew why they have been established as a flight school for as long as they have been. It was clear the school had truly perfected flight training over many years. Almost immediately the friendly staff explained to me the course and curriculum which best fit my needs. In addition to very structured courses and devoted instructors, the school had training equipment such as the full motion Red Bird simulator which I thought only existed at airlines. This same equipment not only provided me with real world experience, but also allowed me to save money while being exposed to realistic training on the ground. Between my awesome instructors and advanced simulator experiences, I was beyond prepared to excel in the plane. With a huge fleet of aircraft to train in, scheduling was never an issue! I was able to complete my training without any issues and right on time and budget. Best of all, Florida Aviation Academy made my experience not only educational and fun, but also allowed me to make life long friends with not only fellow students, but my instructors. Without a doubt, my career in aviation was made possible thanks to Florida Aviation Academy.

Giancarlo Pighi, Doha
 Hello, just wanted to share this with Jack and the school.. I got my Commercial in January 2005 and after flying corporate and A320 for LAN PERU, moved to Qatar Airways five years ago, I flew 2 years the A320, 3 years A330 and now I’m a captain in A320, thanks a lot Florida Aviation Academy!

Neil F. from New York
  Thank you Jack for a wonderful flying experience, and the instruction.  I always come back to you for my bi-annual flight reviews because I learn so much.
Tim P. from Pompano Beach, Florida
  I just want to tell you what a great experience I’ve had at Florida Aviation Academy.  Thank you Jack and Carrie for always being there and making sure that I had the very best quality flight instruction.

I’m looking forward to starting my Instrument Rating training very soon!

Ted F.
I didn’t believe you when you told me I could complete my licenses and ratings in about 16 weeks, but I did it!  To everyone that helped me through – THANK YOU!

I’ve already got a pilot job lined up and I couldn’t be happier.  Thanks again!

Hello Sir, Hope you are all fine and that everything is going great at the Academy.I have some good news to share.. As I mentioned earlier I had an entrance exam and interview with an Airline here and I am happy to inform you that it went well and  I have been recruited by SpiceJet Airlines (an Indian low cost carrier) for their B737 fleet. I just recently cleared the DGCA B737 technical exams, and the next step would be the simulator training.

Once again, thanks for the great foundation, training, support and everything else.

Say a big “Hi” to everyone at the Academy for me.

Alex DePaoli
I just wanted to write you to let you know how pleased I was with the training I obtained while at Florida Aviation Academy.  I feel like there’s no where else I could have received that sort of attention, and in such an efficient manner, received all of my certifications. As you know, I am here in Australia now sorting out some business matters. But I have decided that it would be in my best interest to come back, and to obtain my CFI with Florida Aviation Academy. I have already spoken to Camille about which steps I can take from here to get started, and she has most graciously been assisting me there. Once my matters hereare resolved, I will come back to train full time. My forecast is for the beginning of 2012. But before then, I would like to get as much accomplished here, so I can make a smooth, and speedy transition upon my arrival. Thanks again, regards!
Giancarlo Pighi
  Hello Jack, this is Giancarlo Pighi from Perú, I attended the Academy in 2004, I have the best  memories about the school, and the staff, including yourself, Levent, Christine, Luke, Petros Manoloutsos was my instructor and also I made very good friends over there, Andrea Cianfruglia, Domenico Costigliola, to name a few. The training was excellent, great facilities, when I came back to Perú I started flying corporate, a Piper Cheyenne III and since 2009 I´m an Airbus 320 first Officer for LAN airlines, thanks again for such a wonderful experience, keep in touch,  cheers
Malcolm Campbell
Hey Jack, it was great to see you last week.  As a former student/instructor who has moved on to be a Captain at Southwest Airlines flying Boeing 737’s, I can attest to the fact that your training programs are for people who have the ambition to be professional pilots.  Not only that, but I got the girl as well!  
Pablo A.Spain
Thank you Florida Aviation Academy. Simply wonderful. Lies and broken dreams are quite usual with flight schools, according to my personal experience but Florida aviation academy offered me not only what i initially agreed, but a fantastic experience, everyday while flying, nice maintained airplanes always available, great instructors. Much better; talking about numbers:250 hours in 4 months and 1 day…that needs no explanations. Thanks a lot, Levent, Christine, Jack, Luke, Gerry, Frank and Erik Was a great pleasure!
Meet G. India
First of all wish you everyone at Florida Aviation Academy a very very happy Christmas and a very, very happy and successful new year! How have you been? Hope the school is doing good even in this turbulent economic time that of the USA is facing. I am very glad to inform you that I got recruited by KINGFISHER airlines last year, got my endorsement and now I am flying as a co-pilot on the TR fleet. I sincerely thank you in your efforts in making me a successful pilot.
Anuj. A India
When doing my research on the Internet I chose Florida Aviation Academy over other schools because it was apparent specially after speaking with you that your school is choosy about their students and the mention on the school sight that there will be no more than 2 students per instructor & aircraft and that is exactly what was maintained through out my training at Florida Aviation Academy. Each student is therefore offered the resources to complete his/her training in the minimum time possible based on the students ability to cope with the program. As a result of the above the pace of the Flight and Ground training is very fast. Further the school though maybe small in its size compare to some offers probably the best student to Aircraft/Instructor ratio in the United States, the instructors are well chosen who are highly committed to each students progress and the training program and the school is very professionally structured. During my entire stay and training there was a personal touch which from what I observed during my cross countries appeared to be missing in all or at the least most of the other schools I visited during my re-fueling halts and felt a part of the Florida Aviation Academy family.
Rene T. France
I wanted to convey to all of you, and obviously particularly to Petros. Christine and you Levent, a “thousand thanks” for having welcomed me, trained me, and supported me so well during all the time I was there. Those outstanding 5 weeks will remain for ever in the back of my mind and I do feel like this experience was simply unique.
Radu M. Romania
I am now back in Romania and I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity of completing the IFR in just 2 weeks. This was possible only because of the proficiency of your school and because of the perfect timing and planning of the hours and of course because of Alex. It was a pleasure for me to learn in your school and for sure I will come again for future ratings and qualifications. I will make those days the first IFR-Flight in Romania and let’s see how il works. Best regards.
Nico. S., Germany
I like to thank you again, because without you and your to company I wouldn’t have this great chance to fly a Boeing 767 at Air Atlanta. I will recommend you to all the people who are looking for a flight school. I had a very good time in Pompano and with your company. I felt like in a family. Thanks for all that….
John D., Ireland
…who is still there from when I was there? It seems like a lifetime ago. Three of the best months of my life. Bernice got into Ryan Air a few months ago and little Nicky is training as a cadet in Aer Lingus. You can mark another 2 airline pilots down from Florida Aviation Academy.
Brian. S. Chicago, Illinois
I wanted to write and say thanks to you for your help in making my new job possible. Florida Aviation Academy let me obtain professional training for a very low cost. There were so many flight schools to choose from and Florida Aviation Academy was the right one. You have a great school and thanks again.
Elena A. Fort Lauderdale, FL
This 1st of March 2006 will always be the greatest first of March in history for me! Now I can officially say that I made my first revenue producing flight in the JET!!!!! I flew Citation Bravo 550 yesterday. It was a flight from Fort Lauderdale Exec to Gainesville Georgia, Lee Gilmer Mem! Almost 2 hours each direction!!! We had passengers on both legs and they were probably the coolest paxs in history, because they were my FIRST passengers! Thank you Everybody for your support!
Dr. John J. Z. Farmington Hills, Michigan
Thank you very much for your instruction and assistance in my single and multi commercial licenses, Not only did I obtain my commercial license with your help but I feel that my piloting skills are significantly improved. Thank you again.
Darrin S., Bahamas
I really enjoyed my time at Florida Aviation Academy studying and preparing for my instrument rating. It was great achievement for me to receive this rating. I would like to commend all of your staff and instructors for being so nice and making me and the other students feel at home. They are all professional at their duties and that makes students comfortable, knowing that we are getting good flight training.
Gergely O., Hungary
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once more the warm welcome and professional help you and your team gave me, during my stay in Pompano Beach. I really hope I will be able to return to your school in the not so distant future for some further training and time building.
Mathias G. Germany
I am sorry that I had to rush to catch my plane. You guys did a really good job while teaching me and I want to say thank you for being hard but fair. It was really much work for me but ”WE” made it!!! That is it from good old Germany. Thank you again everybody and take care!!