Stop Dreaming, Start Flying

Posted on Jul 25, 2011

Stop Dreaming, Start Flying

Flight training today is a well organized structured process where all the benefits of past lessons are put together to teach  future airline professionals how to be safe pilots. The first step is to get in contact with a recognized FAA approved Part 141 aviation  academy. An aviation career can only prosper when the aviation flight school has a history of building those careers. From the Private Pilot certificate through Instrument flying and commercial flying Florida Aviation Academy has done what most aviation colleges cannot.  We offer accelerated programs that combine aviation ground school and flight training simultaneously. It keeps the cost low when this building block method of teaching is used. You come out of the flying simulator straight to the aircraft where you can transfer your knowledge positively and build on the previous lesson.

So If your dream is to have a private pilot license then Florida Aviation Academy will guide you there.  If your dream is to be a captain in an airline then there is an American school of aviation I know, will train you to be the best you can be. The dreaming is over.  Start training.


  1. Hello!
    My name is David, I’m from Israel. My goal to become an a proffession airline pilot.
    I’m finished my army service four months ago, I was an a aircraft technitian at the israeli airforce museum. I’m specified in maintaining the “old generation” of airplanes like Stirman PT-17, Harvard T-6 Texan and Spitfire Mk-9, they are still flying!
    Now I’m working to save the money for my flight training, like a aircraft technitian. I have a lot of knowlige in aviation and a lot of experiance in flight simulator 9 ,unfortunately the flight houres at simulator are not Included..
    I think that yours academy is the good place to live my dream and start my training. I woul like to get a prospect of yours Academy!
    Best regards,
    David Soyfer.

    • Greetings David;

      Thank you kindly for your post. Yes, life is too short to be doing something mundane, day in, day out. Individuals who are able to combine their passion with their careers are indeed lucky ones. Then it simply becomes getting paid for your hobby.

      I will email you a complete information package.


      Levent Erkmen

      • sorry one more thing , according to pilots i met before and asked them about pilot career they said that every two years i should pass the FAA . so my question is if i passed the first time from it is there any percentage that i cannot pass from it next time under any conditions?! that’s all what i want to convert my dream to reality with florida ,and thanks

  2. Hello David

    You are already one step ahead with your aviation background and experience. We are here for you when you are ready to continue your journey.


    Captain Fitzgerald

  3. hello i am egyptian , 19 years old . preparing my paper to join the academy next month. but there is something i forgot to ask about it , i took the american diploma what is the score wanted to join FLORIDA aviation acdemy?

  4. hello
    i’m hisham from egypt and i want airline pilot but i don’t have any background about it can i join the academy and how much does it cost ? and how can i join this academy ?

  5. Hello,
    My name is Luke. I have always wanted to become a pilot since I was young. Near the end of my freshman year of highschool, I bought Flight Simulator X. Now I’m a senior in highschool. And I mainly fly the Cessna. I wish to come to your school to become a professional pilot.

    Luke Ruiz

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