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Take Off With An Exciting Career

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Take Off With An Exciting Career

According to Boeing Research, there is extraordinary demand for people to fly and maintain airplanes over the next 20 years. To meet this tremendous growth in the aviation industry, the 2016 Boeing Pilot and Technician Outlook forecasts that between now and the year 2035, the industry will need to supply more than two million new aviation personnel—617,000 commercial airline pilots, 679,000 maintenance technicians, and 814,000 cabin crew.

This makes aviation one of the best career paths for the foreseeable future.  At Florida Aviation Academy, we specialize in training professional pilots.  Our accelerated flight training is the best in the industry.  Find out more about how to become a commercial pilot now!

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Turbulent Times…. CBS Channel 4 News

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Florida Aviation Academy helped David Suta at Miami’s CBS Channel 4 News with a segment on turbulence!

Florida Aviation Academy Partners With ExpressJet Airline in Pilot Pathway Interview Program

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Florida Aviation Academy graduates who meet qualifications are guaranteed an interview with ExpressJet Airline as a result of their Pilot Pathway Interview Program.

Pompano Beach, Florida (PRWEB) March 06, 2014

Florida Aviation Academy, which trains pilots from zero hours through the Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, was recently selected by ExpressJet Airlines as a partner for their Pilot Pathway Interview program. Florida Aviation Academy will offer opportunities for future employment at ExpressJet for pilots who complete their training at Florida Aviation Academy and meet current qualifications. Any Florida Aviation Academy flight training graduate who meets specified qualifications, including a recommendation from the flight school, is guaranteed an interview at ExpressJet.

“With a looming shortage of pilots, demand for qualified pilots is higher than ever,” said Captain Jack Fitzgerald, President and Founder of Florida Aviation Academy. “Boeing forecasts a need for nearly 70,000 pilots in North America alone between now and 2031, and pilot salaries are predicted to double over the next five years. There has never been a better time to become a Commercial Pilot.”

Captain Jack Fitzgerald founded Florida Aviation Academy in 1993, and the flight school has been a leader in the flight training industry for two decades with an excellent safety record.

“Florida Aviation Academy provides the instruction and state of the art equipment to allow flight students to succeed in their chosen aviation career path and achieve their dream of becoming an airline pilot,” said Captain Paul C., a Florida Aviation Academy graduate.

The future for pilots is exciting for those who are willing to work hard and apply themselves in a career where the sky truly is the limit.

Captain Fitzgerald and his executive staff are looking forward to recommending pilots to ExpressJet. Florida Aviation Academy has 21 years experience training high quality Commercial Pilots and is well positioned to meet the growing need for airline pilots.

Anyone interested in learning more about Florida Aviation Academy’s flight training options can visit or contact Carrie Sommer at 1-954-788-3887 for more information.