Ab Initio Course Number 3

The Advanced Commercial Pilot Certification Course is designed for students who do not prefer the flight instructor route in order to accumulate time to get to the regional airlines or simply aspires to the corporate or high-end 135 operation charter pilots. It makes them highly desirable for direct entry to any companies that fly mostly turboprops or turbojets. The student first completes the Private Pilot single engine license, and then begins the multi-engine add-on license. At the completion of the multi engine course the student will begin the Instrument rating in the multi engine aircraft. The Instrument training is done in the Beechcraft Duchess (BE-76) in combination with the Redbird multi engine advanced aircraft training simulator.The advantage to doing the training in this way is that every hour of your Instrument training is considered Pilot in Command (PIC) time. Today, the airlines consider PIC time to be one of the most important qualifications as a pilot. Multi engine PIC time tells a prospective employer that this Pilot has command experience in a multi engine aircraft. Upon completion of this course the student will have achieved 44.5 hours total time multi engine PIC.