M-1 Student Visas

M-1 Student Visa Information

The regulations of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (Now called department of Homeland Security) requires most foreign students to attend aviation-flight-training programs on M-1 student visas.

Florida Aviation Academy is authorized under Federal Law to enroll non-immigrant alien students and will issue a form I-20M-N, which will certify an applicant’s eligibility, only after student’s application for admission and TSA (Transport Security Administration) preliminary approvals have been received and all required documentation is on file.

The M1-Visa allows the holders to train for individual or multiple courses and does not impose any previous experience criteria. The visa will be issued by the United States Government for the time expected for the student to complete the course and may be re-issued for any additional training that may be required to complete the course.

How to apply for admission

  1. Application for Admission for the school is filled out and sent to us by either fax, eMail or Postal Mail.
  2. The applicant registers on TSA’s (Transport Security Administration) web site for preliminary approval. (Further details to this process are provided below).
  3. Once the TSA notifies Florida Aviation Academy that the applicant has received preliminary approval for flight training and the official responsible for admissions to the school has accepted the prospective student for enrollment in a full course of study, an acceptance letter and enrollment agreement will be mailed or faxed to the prospective student. Acceptance letter contains a checklist for the below items.
  4. Official record of schooling or other educational achievement, which must include English language proficiency and at least twelve years of academic education, must be provided. (Photocopies of diplomas are acceptable).
  5. Proof of financial ability to apply all educational expenses and support for yourself and any dependents with you during your stay in the United States. An officer from your bank will need to certify in a letter that your funds on deposit for educational and living expenses are acceptable and at least equal to the amount shown on your enrollment agreement.
  6. Florida Aviation Academy requires a deposit of $1000 towards your course which must be received by the school by means of cash payment, certified bank draft or electronic funds transfer to our bank. This deposit is to reserve a training start date, student accommodations and used in its entirety for the flight training. However the SEVIS fee and courier charges for the I-20M-N will be taken out of this deposit.

Upon completion of all above steps, Florida Aviation Academy will courier the completed I-20M-N form and the SEVIS fee payment receipt, which has to be approved and stamped by the American Embassy in student’s country, in person. Please note that SEVIS, where the I20 form is issued, charges a $200.00 processing fee. Florida Aviation Academy will submit this fee on student’s behalf and debit students account accordingly.

Transportation security administration, alien flight training procedure. Effective October 20, 2004

49 CFR PART 1552: Flight training for aliens category 3, aircraft weighing under 12,500 Lbs. Expanded instructions for item 2.

The applicant logs on to the TSA’s web site:   www.flightschoolcandidates.gov .  At the bottom of the log-on page there is a hyperlink “set up new account” where applicant enters the required information. They will be e-mailed a user-id, password and a TSA identification number. After receiving the e-mail, the student logs back in to the above site and submits the following:

  • Full name, gender, current address and five-year address history, date and country of birth, and citizenship information.
  • TSA identification number.
  • Passport information: Visa information. Please indicate that this is for preliminary approval, Florida Aviation Academy will issue I20 form after the preliminary approval will be obtained.
  • Training Details-Basic information including the name of school, type of aircraft, pilot certificate or rating sought. These can be obtained from the course pricing documents you already should have.
  • Additional and separate $130.00 application processing fee. This fee must be paid by you personally and by credit card on the TSA’s web site.

Once TSA informs Florida Aviation Academy that the preliminary approval has been granted, the school will proceed with the issuance of the I-20M-N form providing that all other required documentation and the deposit have been received.

However students are required to submit for fingerprints while in Florida, and Florida Aviation Academy is required to upload a digital photo of the student to TSA. Upon arrival at Florida Aviation Academy, the training may not start until the approval of the fingerprints has been received from the TSA.

Applicants from non-English speaking countries must complete the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) examination as a demonstration of English proficiency. A score of at least 550 is required and a copy of the test results must be forwarded to Florida Aviation Academy.

If it is not convenient for you to complete the TOEFL exam in your country, or you are uncertain about your standard of English, you should contact the Cultural Affairs Officer at the US Embassy in your country. Florida Aviation Academy does not currently offer English language training.

The following are also acceptable as exceptions to TOEFL:

  • A certificate of completion of an English language course.
  • A U.S. high school graduation diploma.
  • An FAA Pilot Certificate with no restrictions or limitations.