Is it Permissible to Enroll In Flight School with B1/B2 Visa Status?

Posted on Aug 24, 2017

We receive calls several times a week from prospective students who are in the USA, or will be traveling to the USA on the B1/B2 visitor visa.  It is not permissible to participate in any flight training with the visitor visa -including part time flight training.

The regulations, 8 CFR 214.2(b)(7), specifically prohibit a course of study in the United States (including flight training courses) while in B1 or B2 status.

Before enrolling in a flight training course, individuals holding the B1 or B2 visa status must first acquire the M-1 visa status.  According the USCIS there are no exceptions to this rule.

Don’t get lured into illegally participating in flight training in the US!

Florida Aviation Academy is authorized under Federal Law to enroll non-immigrant alien students and will issue a form I-20M-N, which will certify an applicant’s eligibility, only after student’s application for admission and TSA (Transport Security Administration) preliminary approvals have been received and all required documentation is on file.

The M1-Visa allows the holders to train for individual or multiple courses and does not impose any previous experience criteria. The visa will be issued by the United States Government for the time expected for the student to complete the course and may be re-issued for any additional training that may be required to complete the course.

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