Introductory Flight Lesson

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to learn to fly? Why not try an introductory flight lesson at Florida Aviation Academy in a full motion flight simulator?  This is one of the most exciting flights you’ll ever take!DSC_1009

Introductory Flight Lesson

  • Introduction to basic taxiing and flying skills
  • Pre-flight actual airplane
  • Startup, taxi and take-off in Full Motion Flight Simulator
  • Basic airman skills, maneuvers and return to airport
  • Approach and attempt first landing
  • Taxi back for second take-off and landing in traffic pattern
  • Post flight briefing
  • Certificate of your simulated flight

For the low cost of $399, our introductory flight lessons are extremely popular with flight students of all ages*.  Prospective pilots get a taste of how exciting their pilot training will be.  The introductory flight lesson also makes a great gift.  Contact Florida Aviation Academy today for more information about taking your Introductory Flight Lesson!

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*Minimum age for Introductory Flight Lesson:  14 years old