Fly to Any Airport in the World in a Flight Simulator

Posted on Jun 11, 2012

Fly to Any Airport in the World in a Flight Simulator

Debbie Rona, a member of the Scottish Aero Club in Perth Scotland, stopped by to try out our new Red Bird full motion simulator.   She took a simulated flight from Perth Airport in New Scone, Scotland.  The realistic scenery and landscape was a major surprise to Debbie.  She had a great time “touring” around the Perth area, and used the simulator time to perfect her taxi, take-off and landing techniques with one of our instructors, using the Cessna 172 traditional cockpit with G430/530 configuration.  She told us she could not wait to get back home to Scotland to tell her friends about the realistic virtual flight experience. Whether for flight training or entertainment, this advanced flight training device offers an extraordinary opportunity for those interested in learning to fly, or for others who want to add ratings or take recurrency training.

Now flying is not just an experience reserved for the privileged few.   People are finding that flying is easier, more fun and safer than they ever imagined with simulator training.

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