Flight Training in the USA

Professional Airline Pilot Program for International Students

Florida Aviation Academy offers flight training for candidates who wish to become professional pilots and fly for major airlines around the world.   Successful completion of this program will also earn you all of the necessary FAA ratings. In addition, we tailor our Professional Airline Pilot Program to meet the qualifying standards of your country to allow you to convert your licenses and ratings once you return to your country.

Student Visa:  As an FAA Approved 141 flight school, Florida Aviation Academy is approved by SEVIS to issue the I-20 document for foreign students to obtain their student visas.

Pricing includes all flight exams, written exams, books, and other study materials. Uniforms may be purchased in advance or when you arrive in Florida, and must consist of at least three pairs of (3) navy blue pants,  three (3) white pilot shirts, and black closed dress shoes. Our aviation academy offers competitive pricing on single-engine and multi-engine airplane programs running from Private to Multi Commercial ratings. (Even with other costs included, our training is generally more efficient and cost effective than training at other flight schools.) Beware of academies with high prices and poor safety records, and who waste your time sitting in aircraft when you cannot log the hours (some schools call this crew time, but if you check the regulations there is no such thing and it is not loggable flight time).  Florida Aviation Academy has ended up helping to train and certify students who transfer to us from these schools.

Our Professional Indian Airline Program can generally be completed within four (4) months for focused candidates. However, some exceptional candidates have been able to complete the program in as little as three (3) months. Pricing for the program is based on the average student, and may be higher if additional flight or ground instruction is necessary. Again, this depends on the student’s ability, focus and dedication.

Professional Pilot Program  $42,772 US

Complete Single Engine and Multi Engine Commercial Pilot Part 141 Certification Course 212 Total Loggable Flight Hours in 16 weeks

What’s Included Zero Hours Through Commercial Single Engine & Multi Engine Licenses:

  •  71 HOURS DUAL C-172
  •  80 HOURS SOLO C-172

This Part 141 zero hour through Commercial Single Engine and Multi Engine course includes:

  •  147 hours of PIC (Pilot in Command) time
  •  100 hours of Cross-Country time
  •  FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit
  •  FAA Student Pilot Certificate
  •  High Performance Endorsement
  •  SEVIS Administrative Processing
  •  TSA Administrative Processing
  •  Examiners Fee for Checkrides (Practical Exams) PPL; IR; CPL – SE;  CPL – ME
  •  Computer Testing – 3 Examinations
  •  Deluxe Part 141 Private Pilot Kit
  •  Deluxe Part 141 Instrument/Commercial Kit
  •  Use of David Clark Headset – 4 months
  •  Sectional Charts
  •  IR Approach Plates
  •  Airport Facility Directory
  •  Fuel Tester
  •  Cessna 172 Pilot’s Information Manual
  •  Piper Arrow IV PA-28 Pilot’s Information Manual
  •  PA-23 Multi Engine Aircraft Pilot’s Information Manual
  •  C-172 Single Engine Checklist
  •  PA-28 Single Engine Checklist
  •  PA-23 ME Checklist
  •  ASA Oral Exam Guides PPL; IR; CPL

All prices are subject to change. Current prices are based on $4.90/ gallon fuel charge. Any increase in fuel beyond this price will result in a fuel surcharge

Some students require more training than what is outlined in the course structure to become proficient.  Any additional training costs including more flight hours or ground time than that quoted is paid in addition to the program costs.


Florida Aviation Academy offers housing which is convenient to the school/airport location. It is an easy 10 minute walk to the school, and close to markets. restaurants and the beach.


Florida Aviation Academy utilizes the following types of aircraft for our Indian Professional Airline Program:

Cessna 172’s

PA-28 Piper Arrow IV – Single Engine Complex

PA-23-250 Piper Aztec – Multi Engine High Performance

Our aircraft are meticulously maintained by only licensed aircraft mechanics and inspectors.  We do not use inexperienced aircraft mechanics students to work on our aircraft.

Admission Instructions

Request an application for admission.  Once you have completed your application for admission, and returned it to us, we will send you your Enrollment Package which details the few steps necessary to obtain your student visa and start your flight training.

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