ExpressJet Airlines Pilot Pathway Interview Agreement

Posted on Feb 28, 2014

ExpressJetFlorida Aviation Academy has entered into an exciting agreement with ExpressJet Airlines to provide opportunities for future employment at ExpressJet for pilots completing their training at Florida Aviation Academy and meeting certain qualifications. Any Florida Aviation Academy flight training graduate who meets the qualifications, including a recommendation from the flight school, is guaranteed an interview at ExpressJet.

There is a strong need for pilots, both domestically and globally, and Florida Aviation Academy is positioned with an excellent flight training program that prepares safe, qualified pilots.  Captain Jack Fitzgerald founded Florida Aviation Academy in 1993. We have been  a leader in the flight training industry for 21 years with an excellent safety record.

Captain Fitzgerald is looking forward to recommending pilots to ExpressJet.  “I have seen the ups and downs in the aviation industry over the past 25 years, but today pilots have an unprecedented opportunity to join high quality airlines such as ExpressJet begin an exciting new era in aviation.”

We are looking forward to working with ExpressJet and all future opportunities to help our graduates begin their careers in commercial aviation.

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