Accelerated Flight Training Advantage

Florida Aviation Academy has taken a unique approach to flight training, allowing our students to complete their programs much faster than the typical flight school. As a philosophy we like to have low student/instructor/aircraft ratio at the school at any given time so that we can immerse the students in their studies with special emphasis on their flying. (We only admit 2 students per aircraft and Flight Instructor)

Florida Aviation Academy’s 0 hours to Commercial Pilot License takes only 16 weeks in comparison to 8-12 months offered by most other flight schools and colleges for the same program. During this time the students will earn their Private License, Instrument Rating and Single or Multi Commercial Licenses or both at 250 hours. This program is designed for individuals that want to become professional pilots.  It prepares them for the fast paced and multi-tasked environment that is common to all Air Carriers.

Each instructor has only two full time students. All instruction is one on one in contrast to the traditional classroom approach. This method allows individualized attention and is custom tailored to maximize efficiency of each student’s program. Each student is scheduled for two, two-hour lessons with their instructor. The time in between lessons is spent  watching audio-visual tapes, studying and flying solo.  The audio visual tapes compliment each day’s lesson.  Students typically spend 6-8 hours a day at the school, 6 days a week under this program.

Our approach offers many benefits for the student.  Immersion in both theory and flight leads to steeper learning curve over time with better retention rates. This translates to cost savings for the student in many fronts. Our students are also more proficient and safer in their flying. This is simply due to the fact that flight lessons take place twice a day 6 days a week rather than 3-4 times per week at most other schools. Practice makes perfect. Practice often and with purpose. Our accelerated flight training programs allow our students to be away from their homes or jobs for a shorter period of time, reducing day to day living expenses at least by half .  This approach puts our graduates out in the job market in half the time of other flight training schools.

(Left) Captain Malcom Campbell, Southwest Airlines former student/instructor

Florida Aviation Academy limits the student count so that there are no scheduling problems with either the instructors or the aircraft and we can deliver what we promise. We have over 95% success rate for being on time and within budget. In addition we have a first time pass rate of better than 98% for written tests with an average score of 91% (The minimum passing grade for the written test are 70% but we do not believe in 70% pilots), and the first time pass rate of better than 93% for the practical exams.

This approach has one additional benefit. Having low student/instructor ratios allows us to follow each student’s progress on a daily basis so that they are kept on track with their scheduled programs.  The daily briefings that the chief instructor has with each instructor allows Florida Aviation Academy to address any learning challenges immediately.  Our accelerated flight training programs, one on one attention and continuous quality control is what separates Florida Aviation Academy from every other flight training institution.

Everything we do is a function of this mission.

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